In Their Thousands at Odessa – Review & Photos

In Their Thousands

The Odessa Club hosted Donegal band In Their Thousands for the launch of their latest EP ‘Between The Waters’. Although it was a fairly small venue, In Their Thousands could have easily filled a much bigger venue, as the room in which they played was packed to the brim, as people arrived struggling to find space to stand and seats to sit on.

Support on the night came from 16 year old Rosie Carney who also hails from Donegal. Performing songs such as, ‘What You Have Been Looking For’ and a beautifully worked cover of Michael Jacksons ‘Thriller’.  Rosie performed each song effortlessly. With just her voice and guitar, she had the audience in awe of her pitch perfect vocals, as they listened intensively to every word.

In Their Thousands, a four piece alternative folk rock band, gave an amazing performance at the Odessa Club on Thursday night, and dare I say, it was one of the best performances I have seen from a band this year.

They were absolutely flawless with magical vocal harmonies, guitar plucking and engaging the audience to which they described the room as ‘it feels as if we are playing in somebody’s living room’ and it did. It felt as though they were playing just for you, in the comfort of your own home, which is something you don’t get in other venues. This is why this night was so unique.

They performed the song ‘Effort For The Waste’ acapella which gave me goose bumps all over it was that good. Other songs included ‘Too Many Times ’and ‘Tear It All Apart’ to just name a few. Each song gave way for a guitar change from acoustic to electric and back again, to performing slow melodic songs to electrifying rock where each song flowed smoothly into the next to the delight of everyone in the audience.

It was an amazing night of music, with a breathtaking on stage performance. The audience were also treated to a couple of jokes throughout the night. What more could one ask for!

Review and photos by Ian Blount


Lucy Ivan

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