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the-stoney-brokes-knockanstockan-2013-2Nothing Irrelevant about this band. The Stoney Brokes Dan Mc Kenna talks music with Dublin

An eerily quiet hotel lobby on a respectable Good Friday afternoon. Good job there’s a bit of rock n’ roll loitering about in the form of guitar guru Dan Mc Kenna from The Stoney Brokes. Fresh from the launch of his band’s debut album “Something Irrelevant” Dan describes its style as “minor dissident swing” or swing with the “anti-swing” as the converstaion goes. Dan is one of the founding members of The Stoney Brokes, the band evolved from Kilnamanagh and Kingswood friendships back in 2008 in Tallaght. Finding their artistic feet and polishing their punked up anti-swing style, TSB have gathered a considerable following and received well established critical acclaim. They’re veterans of KnockanStockan and Electric Picnic, they’re well known throughout the Dublin band circuit. Aiming to increase their fan base nationally Dan reveals their plans to conquer Cork, Kilkenny and Galway this Summer. The tour of  “Something Irrelevant” will put them in Crane Lane in Cork, the Roisin Dubh in Galway and Billy Byrnes in Kilkenny on various dates in from April till July.

Initally recording the songs for fun the album has been in the studio pipleline for over a year.” Much of the material was ready to go so it was just a case of putting it together” according to Dan. Referring to the structure on the album, TSB were mindful of the dynamics and pace of their material, the overall finish and flavour it leaves with the listener. Sounds simple, but apparently it was a huge amount of work that “realistically you feel is never finished”. A common woe amongst musicians who just can’t leave it alone, TSB feel like this album has been with them for years. Dan speaks about the songs like they’re his grown up children. He’s taken them from infancy, tended to them, fed them, kept them safe and now they’re out there. All grown up for everyone to see. Kind of a proud parent, yet too modest at the same time. Most of the songs have been penned by Dan with team musical input he emphasises.”Something Irrelevant” is the opening offering. Starting and ending with chimes on the first title track and last track “You Don’t See Me.”

“It’s a perfect loop from beginning to end, especially if you listen to it in the car” Dan explains. Various contrasting and conflicting influences from each member of the band have invariably flavoured TSB’s individual sound. Led Zepplin, Villagers, Radiohead, New Secret Weapon, The Beatles, punk trash. You name it, it’s all in the pick and mix of TSB. Current cds on replay in Dan’s pad include The Duckworth Lewis Method and Artic Monkeys as he awaits the birth of New Secret Weapon’s new album any day now.

And speaking of new albums, TSB have their third one pencilled out and ready to record. Throwing titles around, “Mr. Andrews” may be a contender. These guys just never stop working, writing and playing. Amy’s gonna be singing her little heart out for a long time yet. Soak up “Something Irrelevant” soon because the next one’s not far away. Lots of gigs to mention, this weekend is this Friday April 25 at The Roisin Dubh. Check TSB out on for more listings.

By Ciara Sheahan


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