Irish Band Of The Week – After The Ibis

Irish Band Of The Week - After The Ibis

Irish Band Of The Week - After The Ibis

After The Ibis are a northside Dublin eight-piece formed in late 2007. Since their formation, the band have been writing, touring, and performing live throughout the country. As they performed, their reputation as a live group flourished, drawing comparisons between themselves and legendary reggae groups such as Toots and the Maytals, Bunny Wailer, Max Romeo, Third World, The Gladiators, The Tosh/Marley Band, The Skatalites, and Junior Marvin, to name but a few.

Drawing on these inspirations, the band went onto release their debut EP, Busy Waiting, in 2014 at the Grand Social. The show was sold-out and received much praise. Likewise, the debut album is a collection of ten authentic, beautifully delivered reggae tracks which were mixed and mastered by legendary reggae producer Jim Fox, at Lion & Fox Studios in Washington D.C. With almost seven years of experience built into the album, it was only natural that the release would receive such immensely positive reviews, cementing the band within the Irish music scene as one of the more unique sounds out there.

The standout track is the title track, ‘Busy Waiting’, the vocals being so beautifully soulful while the horns and drums in the background giving an uplifting undertone to the music; it’s emotive, it’s alive, it’s stunning. Kudos to the band for marrying the wonderfully Irish vocals with the more exotic reggae undertones – it shouldn’t work but it does so with brilliance.

Check out Busy Waiting here:


Elaine McDonald

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