Irish Band Of The Week – Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Bleeding Heart Pigeons Irish Band Of The Week

Bleeding Heart Pigeons Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is Bleeding Heart Pigeons, fresh off the stage from this year’s Body & Soul Festival where they took the mainstage on Sunday. Hailing from Limerick, this experimental/alternative pop band have come a long way from where they started in 2008, in a disused shed in the heart of Limerick, where the trio of schoolmates convened and began practicing. It was these moments, in the throes of rural life, the boys were able to stylise themselves and create a sound and direction that was completely free of any established sound or approaches that were on the scene at the time. Needless to say, this rare isolation within Ireland allow them to develop a sound that was intrinsically unique to them, which in turns has garnered cult-like status for their fresh sounds and experimental approach to things.

Usually, a band in the early stages of development would spend months, even years trying to inaugurate themselves in some shape or form on the music scene. But the band seemed to be more concerned with cultivating a sound or learning things the old-fashioned way; keeping with their original approach, the boys were happy to be left on their own, developing a sound, and figuring out what worked for them. The old saying goes, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ and this is clearly an approach that the lads kept in mind throughout their advancement; they cut their teeth on personal development rather than “gigging around town or whatever and meeting other bands and learning things that way”, Bleeding Heart Pigeons were contented to be left to their own devices.” Similarly, Is and A Room in Littleton, Colorado were produced under the guidance of Virgin Records and the band admitted that Virgin recognised how Bleed Heart Pigeons liked to approach things, “To be honest with you we didn’t hear much from them during the album, they sort of left us to our own devices which was really good”.

Since then, Bleeding Heart Pigeons have been receiving an immensely positive reception for their work, with the suggestion that they could be in the running for a Choice Music Prize and while they are incredibly humble in their response to those things, their talent must be acknowledged through the array of acts they’ve been requested to support this Summer, including Pixies and Father John Misty. The group’s artsy-rock approach is wonderfully unique and their method has been so consistent, focusing on making music that reflects them as artists rather than trying to confirm further establishes why they are so deserving of the acclaim they receive.

Catch the boys in Live at the Marquee in Cork on the 13th of July and at the Iveagh Gardens on the 14th of July.


Elaine McDonald

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