Irish Band of the Week: Eulogys

The_EulogysLast week, we shared the latest release from Dublin/Cork based band Eulogys with you. The EP named “Kingfisher and the Hummingbird” has left quite the lasting impression on us and so we find ourselves entirely enamored with the duo. Consequently, they more than deserve our top spot as Irish Band of the Week, this September 10th.

Eulogys consists of multi-instrumental maestros, Kenny Hyland and Peter Bourke. The duo have just self-released their second EP and much was expected of them for this one. Their debut garnered them quite the loyal following amongst the public and critics alike, and so they set the bar quite high for themselves. The new EP is awash with quality tracks of dreamy acoustic pop goodness. Think MGMT, with a little Local Natives, just a dash of Little Comets and a sugary glass rim of Ruby Coast and you’ve got a mighty fine cocktail…

As if they couldn’t get better, these lads are a pair of gents too. They’ve decided that this EP should be available entirely free of charge, and so have ditched the indie labels in favor of a self-release. Yes, that’s right. You can download it for nothing and the band want it that way!

We could go on and on… But you should just really have a listen for yourself with the stream below:

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