Irish Band Of The Week – Ka Tet

Ka Tet Irish Band Of The Week

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Ka Tet Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week are the wonderful Galway three piece, Ka Tet, a band focused on a combination of intense vocal harmonies and electrifying guitar riffs with some chunky bass undertones added in for good measure. Their sound has been compared to the edginess of Pearl Jam, Queen and with undertones of Josh Homme’s Queens of the Stone Age. So, to put it briefly, this isn’t a band that messes around, they’re driven to continuously create new sounds and combine new styles.

The band formed over seven years ago and since then they’ve been tirelessly touring and developed a concrete sound. 2013 was one of the most pivotal years for the band, releasing the debut album, Arcadia, to critical acclaim. The band has established a very clear and precise sound that was unapologetically experimental and edgy, particularly when the band were named in Chew Your Own Fat’s ‘Best of 2013’ list. Later that year, the band were featured twice on The Mix Up with Colm O’Sullivan on Today FM following the release of their first two singles ‘Let my Lady’ and ‘Bob n Charlie’. The next two years saw the band touring and performing at Vantastival, Kfest, Philfest and Light Colour Sound Festival.

This year saw the band release their latest EP, Surface Tension, which promises to be a total culmination of all the band’s experiences and musical developments. Sadly though, the band posted on their Facebook on Saturday to admit this would be their last offering and they would be coming to the end of their musical journey once they had performed to their final three dates. It’s extremely sad to see such a talented band come to the end of the road but as the boys put it themselves, they have ‘always been content with the fact that we enjoy the music we make, but to have others enjoy the music has been fantastic and we hope that you [the fans] will continue to enjoy it for many years to come.’ It’s truly endearing to see a band share their experiences with us as they rose and rose on the music scene but it’s even more fantastic to see that we were a part of the lads’ journey and that they have such an immense experience throughout their time.

Everyone in Dublin Concerts will be wishing the lads all the best in their future endeavours and thank them for all the wonderful music they have left us with.

See Ka Tet live:

Cork – Crane Lane – 21 August

Dublin – Whelan’s – 26 August

Galway – Róisín Dubh – 28 August


Elaine McDonald

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