Irish Band Of The Week – Land Lovers

Irish Band Of The Week - Land Lovers

Irish Band Of The Week - Land Lovers

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is Land Lovers, who claim to ‘surely be a pop band’ with Popical Island founding member, Padraig Cooney, at the fore. Cooney himself is one of the most noted Irish writers at the moment, particularly since the most recent Skelocrats‘ album, he chose to reunite this year with the band that first garnered him acclaim, Land Lovers.

Land Lovers, as a band, brings out a more measured and intricate style of writing where Cooney is concerned that he withholds from other projects. In an interview last year, he admitted that he holds onto simpler songs for upcoming Skelocrats’ projects, focusing on a more methodical and tempered for his first love. This is particularly noticeable in their third musical offering, The Rooks Have Returned, where there’s a distinctive elegance, any instrumental layering is done with a deft touch, and sublime use of synth makes this a perfect listen during these hazy summer days. While Cooney has admitted that he reserves the involved songs for Skelocrats, he and Land Lovers, as a collective, have ensured that only the creme de la creme of lyrics and harmonies are going into their tracks; ultimately, they’re creating music that is rich to the ear but without any fattiness to weigh it down.

Their latest musical offering has undeniable charm and allure, all of which is earmarked by the array of festivals the band has been lined up for this summer, ranging from ArtBeat to KnockanStockan. Fans of the band are in for a treat at live performances, as a singular listen to The Rooks Have Returned highlights that the band are adhering to a tried and tested formula but with slightly more grit. If you’ve never seen them live, then be sure to check them out as the twinkling brilliance of this band resides in how they manage to carry all this energy and experience into a live performance.

If you can’t wait for one of their shows, listen to ‘Springtime For the Mystics’ which has all the pop and pep you need but with an added dose of maturity.


Elaine McDonald

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