Irish Band Of The Week – My Fellow Sponges

Irish Band Of The Week - My Fellow Sponges

Irish Band Of The Week - My Fellow Sponges

They’ve already been titled as ‘the next big thing’ by the Independent and with their fan base growing everyday, it’s easy to see why My Fellow Sponges are ones to watch this year. The band have already been announced for the Knockanstockan festival – one of the most pivotal slots to attain on the summer festival circuit. They’ve also just released ‘The Cold Hand’, their latest single. It’s a track that’s already garnering a lot of attention for its beautifully directed and captivating video, but also due to its unmistakably catchy hooks and an infectious beat. From the onset, it’s apparent this is a band that means business.
Hailing from Galway, the band have been touring for over four years, using their experience on the road as the basis for their music. Founding members Anna Mullarkey and Donal McConnon met in theater while in University in Galway. After working on some plays together, the pair decided to accompany each other on their original songs and form a band. Over the years they have worked with brass ensembles, storytellers, dancers and actors in their live shows. Their sound is a hard one to pinpoint, doesn’t that make the best of bands though? It incorporates elements of minimalism, folk, bossa and more recently synth-heavy electro with influences that include: Kate Bush, Devendra Bahnhart, Joanna Newsom, Brian Eno, Philip Glass and Django Django. That’s admittedly a lot of inspiration to work into each song but My Fellow Sponges do it rather effortlessly. 

What’s really enticing about this band is how unafraid they are to experiment and progress; their sound tells a story that moves from the upbeat and enthusiastic stylings of folk to the more gritty and moody elements of electro. Their first album, Bonne Nuit, was undeniably folk but like a musical tapestry, their latest tracks are drawing in more strands of their influences and inspirations.

Check out this amazing little number that’s bound to lift you out of your Monday blues.


Elaine McDonald

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