Irish Band Of The Week – Overhead, The Albatross

Irish Band Of The Week - Overheard, The Albatross

Irish Band of the Week - Overheard, The Albatross

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is Overhead, the Albatross – a Dublin six piece that are a little unique. The band have created music with no lyrics, a little strange, right? Wrong. Since the band, comprised of Panama, Vinny Casey, Stevie Darragh, Ben Garrett, Luke Daly and David Prendergast, came together for a spontaneous jamming session, they wanted to create a sound that managed to reflect all of their musical ambitions. As Panama has previously mentioned, it was an exploration, a case of six different people trying to measure each other up and find a way to collaborate. ‘In the first day we jammed we wrote Jonah in the first couple of hours. It just kinda happened. Ben just walked in and played a beat and we were like okay, this is interesting, this might work.’

From the onset, the band have always wanted to instil their music with a sort of relaxed, laissez-faire manner, exploring as they went along. Rather than having a concrete idea of what way they wanted their music to go, they decided that their direction would be whatever they felt like. There’s no front man, no chief songwriter. Their music is reflective of their easy-going style, allowing the music to just come to them naturally.

In a way, their approach can be seen as a little chaotic and ambivalent which is the ultimate reason that finishing an EP can take so long. It seems as if the band want their music to express everything without ever having to overtly say anything, the music is carrying all this intensity and raw emotion.

‘Indie Rose’ has already garnered a lot of attention, considering the message behind it. ”Indie Rose’ is named after our friend’s baby daughter. It was a nightmare trying to keep it from them. If you listen closely you can hear a sneaky recording of Scott – Indie’s Dad, talking about finding out that Nicole was pregnant and how happy they were’. It’s really beautiful to see a band draw upon this sort of emotion and reflect it in instrumental music, sometimes it can seem contrived but this is a track that works behind the feeling is palpable.

 Unsurprisingly, the band have already been confirmed to play the KnockanStockan Festival – they are ones to watch as their set will be an undeniably exceptional performance to say the least.


Elaine McDonald

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