Irish Band Of The Week – Plutonic Dust

Irish Band Of The Week - Plutonic Dust

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Irish Band Of The Week - Plutonic Dust

Plutonic Dust are an electronic/house band hailing from Dublin. Since the launch of their debut album, Grand Delusions, the band have been garnering quite some acclaim, rising on the recommendations of word of mouth. Their launch party was an immense success, selling The Sugar Club out with ease. Then they went on to release an additional two singles whilst simultaneously touring.

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Their sound is rather revolutionary, an uncompromising fusion of hashed-out disco synths and somatic rhythms. What seems like a rather effortless sound is actually the result of two very talented composers, Patrick McAdam and Kevin McKnight, and the wonderfully enchanting vocals of front woman and lyricist Veronica Moran. Furthermore, their sounds is aided and abetted by the shimmying funk of guitarist, Ciaran O’Shea, whilst percussionist John Tyrell who ties that entire bag of tricks together with a cacophony of electrified percussions and the layering of sounds to create a entirely unique sound each time. So unique are the sounds that it’s a show that must be seen live to be truly appreciated. Elements of funk and electro-glam are unified to create what can only be described as a sonic escape. Feeding off of the energy of a generation of young people, tormented by the recession, Plutonic Dust has an uncanny ability to take what these frustrated millennials were thinking and convert it into music that is not only cooly infectious but alive with energy and positivity.

The band were recently featured on the soundtrack to the new RTE series, ‘Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope’ further striking home the idea that they can capture and reproduce the thoughts of the children of the recession.

Check out ‘Kill for Gold’ to shake off your Monday blues, although the best time to listen to this band is late and live. Plutonic Dust will join Le Galaxie at The Olympia Theatre on 30 October.


Elaine McDonald

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