Irish Band Of The Week – Shrubs Duo

Irish Band Of The Week - Shrubs Duo

Irish Band Of The Week - Shrubs Duo

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is Shrubs Duo, an acoustic instrumental duo based primarily in the north side of Dublin. Comprised of two members, Shred and Gav, the pair decided to take their various musical ambitions and combine them, resulting in the creation of Shrubs Duo.

Since their formation in 2012, the band have been furiously working on developing their sound, honing their style, and performing their music throughout Dublin and in conjunction with festivals such as Zombie sessions, Timebomb sessions, Apollo sessions Cottage Festival, and Canalaphonic, as well as several private gigs.

Their sound is a curious yet brilliant mix of Spanish guitar with bluesy rock undertones to it, there’s a sort of classic elegance to it but it still manages to maintain the vivaciousness of modern sounds. Their entire performances are focused on creating a narrative arc through music and bringing their fan base along for the journey also. There’s huge energy to their live performances, with distinctly emotive undertones.

Shrubs Duo’s latest track is the perfect reflection of what they are all about. ‘Da Vila’ is full of Spanish strings with the kind of passion that only classical music can have. The rhythmic flexing found within the track is beautifully haunting and just makes you want to dance and shimmy.

You can check out this compilation of several of their performances to give you a feel of what the boys are about.


Elaine McDonald

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