Irish Band Of The Week – Travis Oaks

Irish Band Of The Week - Travis Oaks

Irish Band Of The Week - Travis Oaks

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is Travis Oaks, a four piece hailing from Cavan/Dublin. Originally, the band were pitched as a three piece in the early stages of 2013 and quickly developed a fan base throughout the Irish music scene, in spite of not having any official or substantial release at the time of their debut. Over a year later, they finally released their self-titled debut EP which received much acclaim as the band immediately established their sound from the outset. Along with establishing a reputation for their original rock ‘n’ roll sound, Travis Oaks – comprised of Mike Paterson (vocals), Aran McGillick (bass), and Killian McCourt (drums) – earned a new member in the form of Taran Plouzane, which only helped to fuel their drive and passion as they quickly developed a status for their energy and live performances, ensuring that each one is brimming with passion, drive, and eardrum-bursting rock.

In the space of three years since they first began, the band have been chosen to support the likes of The Riptide Movement, The Hot Sprockets, ASH and most recently The Strypes, at the sold out Olympia Theatre, one of Ireland’s biggest venues. It’s impressive, in such a small window of time, the band have gone from having a small but firm fan base to touring throughout Europe, achieving significant radio airplay and nationwide media attention. Realistically, it emphasises the sheer drive these boys have and their undeniable talent. To further drive this point home, the group have been fortunate enough to be signed to Big House Publishing, a New York based company.

Recently, Travis Oaks released their brand new EP, Black Light, a raucous offering that just exudes energy, dancing between the lines of gritty indie and air-banging guitar riffs. This isn’t a band that makes generic music to appease the masses, they make music they genuinely love and that passion is simply infectious upon listening. Paterson’s vocals are some of the most explosively fresh to hit the scene in recent years; his voice, combined with the tantalising riffs at the core of every song, just leave you wanting to slide across the floor, belting out your best air guitar. Their music is perfectly curated to hit you like a splash of ice cold water, combining classic rock with Alex Turner-esque crooning.

Travis Oaks will be celebrating the launch of their latest EP at Whelan’s on the 15th of this month, so be sure to check them out.

Listen to ‘Love You More’, the first single taken from the ‘Black Light’ EP.


Elaine McDonald

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