Irish Band Of The Week – Twin Headed Wolf

Irish Band Of The Week - Twin Headed Wolf

Irish Band Of The Week - Twin Headed Wolf

This week’s Irish Band of the Week are Twin Headed Wolf, hailing from the wilds of the West of Ireland, Lahinch in Co. Clare. The duo are comprised by the unconventional folk flavoured twin-sister pair of Julie and Branwen. The band have been described as ‘a playful, experimental, ingenious mix of old and new’, with their live performances acting in an metamorphic throughout, utilising an ever-changing list of instruments from a typewriter, some bones, half of a teacup, a saw and an old milk jug alongside a kalimba, a harmonium, a guitar and a decapitated trumpet. The twins bounce off of each other for inspiration, allowing them to create intricate harmonies, combined with more cloyingly haunting lyrics that all combine to make an otherworldly essence to their music.

Their stage show attempts to reflect all these paradoxes in one single set, so much so that it has come to be described as a ‘happening’. The entire things is both a visual and lyrical experience. Their larger shows are almost theatrical in their styling, with stilt walkers and human puppets, sacrifices and ritualistic dances, and three legged fiddle players, five part harmonies and a band of sprites, handmade instruments and processions, contemporary dance and improvised wilderness. All an intense display that perfectly mimics Twin Headed Wolf’s awe-inspiring musical style.

The band have developed quite the reputation for themselves in recent years, naturally, for their performances but the sheer energy they display while performing. The array of festivals they have performed in the last few years has established them as one of the most hotly-tipped acts to see. When this pair found playing at Glastonbury Festival 2014 and they were earmarked as Glastonbury’s ‘most special festival find’ by the Spectator. Their first single ‘Shrines and Ceremonies’ has received nationwide radio play and immense praise.

The Long Decay, Twin Headed Wolf’s debut album, has just been released and is set to take this world and the otherworld by storm. You can buy it from here.

Check out their wonderful track below.


Elaine McDonald

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