Irish Band Of The Week – Windings

Windings Irish Band Of The week

Windings Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is the hotly anticipated Windings. The group return with the long overdue follow-up to their 2012 album I Am Not The Crow; Be Honest and Fear Not is one of the most hard-hitting musical releases of this year, confirming that Windings’ glory was not simply a flash in the band, demonstrating that music is, and always will be, about quality over quantity in terms of production. In the run-up to proceedings, the band re-introduced us to what they were all about with a Double-A release of ‘Stray Dogs’/’Helicopters’. Undeniably, it could almost be an arduous listen initially but provide itself to be a musical triumph in the end.

Since the Limerick band’s last music outing, they went on to further hone in on their keen sense of melody and Windings’ talents for crafting an entire story through song in a matter of minutes. The tracks are awash with an array of emotions, from doubts, aspirations, confusion and bemusements of modern Irish life. The group dabbles with epic concepts and transforms them into something uniquely personal, particularly during the track ‘You’re Dead’ which shows the band’s wondrously underrated talent when it comes to songwriting.

But the Windings haven’t simply poured all their energy into Be Honest and Fear Not, rather the band also went on to release a split record with Dublin indie outfit Land Lovers and collaborating with fellow Limerick mavericks Rusangano Family and Naive Ted (who also recorded, produced and mixed ‘Helicopters’ with Windings). They also performed at several shows with likeminded acts such as Generationals, The Decemberists and Grandaddy with Irish dates following the album’s release with long-time collaborators Out on a Limb Records.

The group have already released a handful of Irish dates, and if their track record is anything to note, then one should be sure to be in attendance at one of these unique and spectacular performances. For first time listeners, it will be a musical revelation and for long-time fans, they should be both equal parts satisfied and intrigued by the latest album.

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Elaine McDonald

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