Iron and Wine at The Olympia Theatre – Photos and Review

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iron-and-wine-olympia-theatre-79Iron and Wine played The Olympia Theatre last Wednesday, May 29th.

Sam Beam and his grandiose orchestra formed by 12 members, himself being the thirteenth one, took to the stage to the delight of their fans who filled the venue. Without having any official information, judging by how packed the venue was, the show was probably sold out.

As soon as they arrived on stage, Sam announced that they would play some new songs, as well as some of their older material. The promise was kept and the audience was treated with some of the new tunes from the start. Iron and Wine performed almost all the tracks from the new album entitled “Ghost on Ghost”.
The new album is not bad at all. Smooth, jazzy and romantic, the Texas-based musicians have created a complex album with a bunch of really good tracks. Some of the tunes performed by Iron and Wine at the Olympia were: “Grace for Saints and Ramblers”, “Caught in the Briars” and ¬†“New Mexico’s New Breeze”.

The musicians did a brilliant job and impressed the audience, on the songs from the new album, as well as on the older, better-known songs. The complexity of the sound was the result of a wide array of instruments such as: violins, cello, drums, guitars, trumpets, tubes, flutes, sax and piano.

A few songs into the set most of the band left the stage, leaving Sam with the violins and cello for “Such Great Heights”, a mellow ballad that brought a feeling of¬†coziness to a venue that rarely feels intimate. The three band members left Sam all by himself on the stage for a part of the show where the audience got to decide what the next tunes would be. “Naked As We Came”, one of the songs requested by the audience was, without a doubt, the audience’s favourite song of the night. “Fever Dream” was another acoustic track requested by the audience came as a surprise even to Sam, who admitted that he hadn’t played it in a while.

The combination of a set longer that what you would expect from such a gig and Iron and Wine playing only around ten of their more popular songs might be why some of the people in the audience left The Olympia before the concert was over.

All in all,the concert was excellent. Sam repeatedly thanked the audience and admitted how much he enjoyes performing in Dublin. The encore had him alone on stage again. The whole band joined him for “Flightless Bird, American Mouth”, the grand finale.

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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