Janet Devlin at The Village – Review

janet-devlinOn Friday the 4th of October former X-Factor contestant and Tyrone native Janet Devlin played the Village in Dublin. It was a tea-light lit venue that had a cosy and intimate feel with no physical barrier between Janet and the handful of concert goers. There was a definite bohemian feel to the night with garlands of roses and vines snaking around the mic stands and Devlin wearing a flowing white dress paired with her signature red and mane-like locks.

The 18 year old singer/songwriter was accompanied on the night by a full band which had every inch of the intimate venue being filled with deep bass notes and the singer’s gifted and soulful voice. Devlin performed a number of tracks off her upcoming album ‘Hide and Seek’ that went down a treat with the audience, especially her soon-to-be released debut single ‘Wonderful’. A song with an upbeat and catchy tune the audience participated by clapping to the beat and whole-heartedly singing the “doo-doo-doo” chorus notes with Devlin as she moved freely around the stage with a grin on her face.

Another highlight of the night had to be Devlin’s slow-starting and momentum building mashup of Imagine Dragons’ ‘Radioactive’ and Rihanna’s ‘Diamonds’. With a solo piano accompaniment to begin with, Devlin really poured emotion into the lyrics that could be felt throughout the audience. A brief melodic interlude and the slow-tempo and heartfelt ‘Radioactive’ melted into the quick-paced and energetic ‘Diamonds’ which had me, for one, wondering how such a strong and powerful voice could be resonating from small and petite body. The mashup went down a riot with the crowd who went crazy and had the venue simply rumbling with her applause and cheering.

Just before 9pm, just over an hour of playing the short and energy packed gig came to an end. Devlin addressed her audience with kind words thanking them for coming and saying she would not be where she is today without them. An added bonus for the audience was Devlin came out into the crowd after to take pictures and have a little word with her fans, something that is definitely not the norm for most singers today. A talented singer/songwriter with great stage presence I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more about Janet Devlin in the future.

Review by Miriam Mc Govern


Lucy Ivan

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