Jet Setter – Irish Band Of The Week

Jet Setter - Irish Band Of The Week

Jet Setter - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the week are Jet Setter. The Dublin quartet pride themselves in their spring —loaded rock guitar with an intense melody that just throbs and pounds like a musical heartbeat. The heaviness of their sound is a cloying one, a melancholic melody without losing its brisk forward drive. Their influences include The Replacements, The Clean and The Stooges, and this is particularly evident when listening to the Dublin foursome’s uniquely fuzzy guitar, curiously combined with their deathly blunt lyrics. Effectively, what this creates is a sound that is initially alluring, like a warm embrace before the lyrics wash over you like a cold rush of water.

The band’s history is just like their music, straight to the point. Formed during a late-night party in the Dublin’s R.A.G.E record shop over fresh icy drinks and Joe Tex – ‘Ain’t Gonna Bump No More’, the result, is original, refreshing and powerful. The band, comprised of Paddy Ormond on lead guitar, Neil Dexter on drums, Jeffrey Courtney on bass and Ross Hamer providing intermittent vocals, released their limited edition vinyl double single on back in June via Other City (putting them in good company with the likes of Villagers and Girl Band).

Their debut single, ‘Not Yet’, is a stellar combination of pop/rock with a bittersweet undertone to it, dealing with past, present, and future all in just a few minutes. The multi-layered effect of their songs demonstrates their music-writing capabilities and the combination of darkly alluring pathos with fuzzy, raw guitar conveys their instrumental talents even more so.  This is even more prevalent in their follow-up track, ‘Archipelago’, which is hazy musical goodness with lyrics like spun silk.

Jet Setter will be sharing some stories in the Project Arts Centre on Thursday, 17 December, in the form of songs – old and new, fast and slow – a perfect break from all the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping!

If you can’t wait until then, just check out one of their most acclaimed songs, ‘Archipelago’ from their EP Never Had It So Good.


Elaine McDonald

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