Jetplane Landing at The Workman’s Club – Review and photos

Jetplane LandingJetplane Landing played The Workman’s Club on September 11th 2013.

More Than Conquerors, a four piece alternative rock band from Northern Ireland, were the first support. The four lads Kris, Danny, Jamie and Danny opened the night with huge confidence and a flawless performance for the eagerly awaiting fans.

Axis Of, also from Northern Ireland and signed to the same record label ‘Smalltown America’, gave a truly memorable performance which will stay with me forever. His sheer rawness and unique energy on stage gave the crowd more than they expected and showed us just how passionate he and bassist Ewen and drummer Ethan are when it comes to performing. An unforgettable experience to say the least!

Jetplane Landing took to the stage just after 10 O’clock. The crowd were standing inches from the stage, with hardcore fans bopping their heads and singing along to every song. It was great to see a band coming all the way from Northern Ireland.
With three albums already under their belt, Jetplane landings fourth album “Don’t Try” was released on August 30th and is a spectacular listen, especially with some tracks performed live.

With every pluck of the guitar, the grunt and vibrations of its powerful sound rumbled along the venue floor and as it hit your feet, the vibrations travelled through your body and not only did it give you goosebumps, but gave you an urge to jump to every beat.

“Brave Gravity” really got the crowd going and you could tell that lead singer Andrew Ferris was loving every second of it, as he couldn’t help but smile throughout each track.

On a wet and miserable Wednesday night, Jetplane Landing made it all worthwhile for anyone that went to see them. They were electrifying and breathtaking.

Cahir O’Doherty on guitar was truly exceptional on the night, pumping every last bit of energy into the band’s performance with his nonstop moving and bouncing around the stage. All of this together makes for an incredible show and I can safely say that everyone there that night couldn’t fault their performance. 10/10

Review and photos by Ian Blount


Lucy Ivan

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