Just Mikey Irish Band of the Week

Just Mikey Irish Band of the Week

Just Mikey irish Band of the Week

A genre of music, not usually given a lot of airtime on Irish radio, is the small hip-hop/rap world in Dublin and its surrounds. Now I know what you’re thinking, Eminem with an Irish twang, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. With some attention being received over the past couple of years due to a TV documentary on the subject, Irish hip hop is going from strength to strength. But here’s the real kicker, just listen to some of the songs for yourself and you can discover the desire and talent that you hear in every Indie Rock venue, only with a different delivery.

One such act has been plugging away from quite some time to get the right pieces together, to make the right kind of music. Just Mikey is made up of 4 lads, all from Dublin originally but residing in the seaside town of Laytown. Most of the lads go way back, with 3 of them being from various northside suburbs including Ballymun and its surrounds. Just Mikey is made up of Mikey Lennon, the spitting lyricist, Tony King (percussion), Cian Ryan (Guitar) and Adam Collins on vocals and bass (because no-one else could play it).

They are set to release their debut single ‘Hold My Tongue’, offering it as a free download on BandCamp from next Monday, 27th October. ‘Hold My Tongue’ is an acoustic hip hop track with an open message about speaking your mind with no shame. There’s one thing to say about the rise of this genre, it has heart, in bucket loads.

I would definitely recommend getting down to see these fellas when they play The Mercantile this Friday, 24th October, where they will be supporting The Rattling Kind on a charity night in aid of mental health charity, Aware.

Listen to the new single here:

Check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

By Pat Byrne


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