Kevyn Return With ‘The Black And The Blue’

Kevyn Return With 'The Black And The Blue'

Kevyn Return With 'The Black And The Blue'

After the successful release of their debut single ‘Scars’ back in March, Dublin quartet Kevyn have returned with a new track, entitled ‘The Black and The Blue’. The track was unveiled on August 30, just ahead of an appearance at Electric Picnic, and though the group have branched out sonically, the theme of mental health is still the lyrical focus of their song-writing.

Penned by lead vocalist Karla Chubb, ‘The Black and The Blue’ draws on feelings of self-doubt, fear and anxiety as its main sources of inspiration. Not to be shackled by these negative emotions, Chubb channels her angst into a song characterised by defiance and retaliation. Like ‘Scars’, this new single showcases the vocal prowess of Chubb, as she whispers, howls and harmonises her way through the track. Unlike ‘Scars’, this song veers towards the heavier side of the guitar-rock spectrum, opening with a gentle intro before crashing into life with a thunderous clap of percussion and jagged guitar just before the minute mark. Far from the folkish leanings of ‘Scars’, ‘The Black and The Blue’ is all electricity and grit, evidencing the growth of Kevyn over the past few months.

This new single indicates a bold change of direction in musical terms and a continuation of sorts in a lyrical sense. If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Electric Picnic this weekend, you can catch Kevyn on the Oxjam Stage at 3pm on Sunday.


Shane Croghan

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