Kill City Defectors ‘Drone’ – Review

Kill City Defectors 'Drone' - Review

Kill City Defectors 'Drone' - Review

Kill City Defectors are an electronic-rock band from Kill, after taking a hiatus for an extended amount of time, the band are back with a fresh sound with their album ‘Drone’. The album is an eclectic mix of electronically infused alternative rock music, that has an undeniably dark feeling to it.

The album is relatively experimental and has moments of excellence, and moments of pure mess. It’s a difficult album to listen to for this reason, there will be moments where you’ll find yourself really enjoying it, and other moments where you’re wanting to skip song, there’s times, such as in ‘Running With Scissors’, where there is just a bit too much going on, it’s too busy.

The more relaxed side of the album, such as in ‘New Age’ is definitely a high point. This more chilled out song, with less going on really highlights what the band is capable of.

All in all, the album is decent, but it’s nothing special to be honest. There’s moments where it verges on boring, and other moments that feel overly experimental. There isn’t a definitive sound from it, nothing about it sounds like Kill City Defectors as a band, it sounds like an amalgamation of different artists. However this may be, for some, a selling point.
‘Drone’ leaves the listener excited to hear what the band are going to do, it definitely catches ones attention. It will be interesting to see where it takes Kill City Defectors and there is the sense that with a little bit more time, a little bit more ironing out, they could be on to something.

Review by Orla Conway


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