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Kodaline Olympia TheatreKodaline – Olympia Theatre – November 21st

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It was like Christmas morning. Excitement, pride and expectation oozed from the VIP crowd of family and friends that turned out for the opening night of Kodaline’s first homecoming gig at The Olympia. The fresh faces of the band, clearly emotional at the euphoric welcome they got from the crowd. Sharp new haircuts, bright eyes and big grins as they realised one of their dreams coming true.

Opening with “After The Fall“ from their debut album “In a Perfect World” inspiring instant singback from the audience. Those repetitive piano notes commanding attention as Stephen Garrigan’s vocals wind their way through them. Following with soundscape arrangements of “ Pray” the dramatic overtones lead gently into “ In A Perfect World “. A colossal crowd pleaser. The band are confident and comfortable urging the Dubs to sing it louder, lifting everyone from the smoking area to the upper circle off their feet. “Loose Your Mind “ hits the set, with a dark hint of an Oasis flavour from guitars and drums, belting it out until the chaotic crescendo with that killer bass line owning it. The Verve could release this and get away with it. Out comes the mandolin and harmonica for the folksy harmonies of “Love Like This.” Demonstrating their ability to vary their style this is well known radio friendly whistler has a hook in the chorus that could catch Moby Dick.

“Way Back When“ gets its own intro about the boys growing up in Swords. They’re childhood buddies from “Way Back When”, so considering all the proud parents having their moment it’s quite fitting. “One Day“, the first track from “A Perfect World“, could actually be a Coldplay song. Yes. The C Word. There’s quite a lot of Coldplay candy floss comparisons floating about around Kodaline. Luke warm album reviews from the music press writing them off as Coldplay rejects. Well there’s nothing to see here… Move on critics as Kodaline dominate the party. “High Hopes“ is let loose amongst the audience. Soaked up and sung out by every single person standing. Nobody wanted it to end. Serenading us from one of the boxes the boys perform an acoustic unmiked rendition of Sam Cooke’s “Bring It On Home To Me“, charming and honest. Though it was a slight struggle for silence, Stephen had to demand “Cunas“ as the crowd shouted pleas for “All I Want“. Which they got once the boys went back on stage. “Big Bad World“ and “All I Want“ close the show, with grateful thanks and appreciation from the band who, even though they’re all grown up now, they appear to believe in the magic of dreams coming true.

Notable in their support were Tandem Felix, guitar based electro pop protégés and solo troubadour James Bay. There’s another party tonight, and tomorrow night as Bipolar Empire make their own Olympia Theatre debut before Kodaline.

Review by Ciara Sheahan


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