Kylie Minogue at the 3Arena, Dublin – Review and Photos

Kylie Minogue 3Arena Dublin Review Photos

Kylie Minogue 3Arena Dublin Review Photos

Hours before the concert is due to begin I pass by the 3 Arena on the bus rolling into Dublin from Donegal. Already, there are groups huddled at the doors. In some ways I’m surprised. Not yet born and only crawling for a significant part of her career, her huge and loyal fan base is something that did not dawn on me in thoughts of this event. This sight provokes my interest as I come to wonder just how brightly the fires of passion for this icon will still burn tonight – and burn brightly they do.

Anticipation reaches grand heights in this glamorous venue. Many have been here since doors at half 6 and some even before that. Admittedly, a hint of impatience can be sensed as the DJ that precedes Kylie isn’t of particular interest to most and she herself does not start until ten to 9.

A gigantic curtain hangs over the stage and its extension that shoots forward. This set-up is striking, confirming to us the fact that the singer is here to put on one hell of a show.

Finally, the night kicks off. Music blares and dancers with extravagant feather head-dresses appear. The atmosphere catapults into a frenzy with every person grinning for miles and screams bouncing off every wall.  The arena is absolutely buzzing. An unexpected sensation of genuine excitement builds in my chest and I feel almost breathless from the hysteria. Kylie’s silhouette rises from the ground, strewn out on giant neon lips. Amidst the deafening cheers there is a feeling of luck, luck to be here witnessing this golden figure in her element.

The use of backing track is undeniably a dominant part of this concert. Sadly, it instills doubt and a little disappointment. Behind me I hear one lady complaining to her comrade “She’s miming”. The lack of bona fide singing is bothering. It dampens the experience and just feels deceptive. However as the night goes on my overall opinion alters. It is during ‘Spinning Around’ when it hits me just how much of a feel-good atmosphere she is providing. So many are giving it absolute socks, boogieing down with arms swinging – transported back to their disco-pop dream world.

“Thank you” she gushes to the adoring crowd whose appreciation is magnificently reflected by soaring decibels and chants of “We love you”.

‘On A Night Like This’ dazzles, with multi-colour strobes shining out in every direction. As the singer herself describes it, this is “the biggest disco in town”.

This show screams sex, femininity and fun. With daring costumes, fun props and a constant aura of giddiness it presents itself as a world of enjoyment for us to enter into. This concert does not lack in length or in energy. The party remains in full swing and so it becomes clear that the demands of such a vivacious and sprightly concert as this justify the level of dependency on backing track.

Then comes the most supreme of occasions, Kylie takes requests from the audience. One lad with eyes gleaming asks for ‘Tears On My Pillow’ and so, she, without any accompaniment, belts out this beautiful song – displaying her faultless vocal ability with notes that are what only can be described as heavenly.

Her amusing persona has the audience howling with laughter (namely when she sings in an Irish accent). Her quality of kindness is especially evident when she brings onstage a fan celebrating her birthday. Kylie here conducts a sing-along of ‘Happy Birthday’ – giving this girl a euphoric experience. The Australian pop-star is bubbly and bright, a true breath of fresh air.

Then the night’s absolute highlight arrives – the requested ‘Loco Motion’. This 80s tune and its kind of Blues tone is simply devine. Arms fly around in every corner of the arena. Even ladies in the back row twist and turn. Hips shake and laughter fills the air. Some serious shapes are thrown – by myself included. It’s a great moment that completely wins us over as we dance and smile, giddy and satisfied.

Afterwards, as the crowds exit, all around me I hear words of praise. At one stage of the night Kylie tells the audience “Thank you for always making me feel incredibly welcome” – and here, it is obvious that the thousands in attendance are also grateful – for their evening of amusement and joy.

Photos by Anamaria Meiu
Review by Shannon Welby


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