La Roux at The Academy – Review and Photos

La Roux Academy Dublin Review Photos

La Roux Academy Dublin Review Photos

“Streets are lined with people, people who want to move, move, move.” – La Roux
It’s been a long five years since statuesque red one ‘La Roux’ (Elly Jackson) released her smash hit debut album ‘Bulletproof’ (2009). After an acrimonious split from producer Ben Langmaid, Jackson placed the recording of her second album on hold for a number of years. A sink or sail situation, but La Roux rose to the occasion.

Jackson has since developed her industrial electro sound into more mature, up-tempo electro-pop. Earlier in the year, La Roux returned with second album, the critically acclaimed ‘Trouble in Paradise’ (2014). One track in particular, ‘Tropical Chancer’, was co-written with artist Grace Jones.

The Academy in Dublin was sold out and packed up to the rafters. Lights dimmed and La Roux glided across the stage joining her stylish band who were decked out in suits and 80’s chic. Also, they were extremely impressive musically. Easing us in with ‘Let Me Down Gently’, Jackson and band were bang on in form and had the crowd by the balls.

It was hard not to ignore Jackson’s musical influences and references from Bowie, to Tears for Fears, Bananarama to The Knife – they were sparkling out like fireworks throughout the night, it was magical.

‘In for the Kill’ created a crowd frenzy and for ‘Sexotheque’ her dance moves were slick. La Roux grooved across the stage, hips gyrated across the room for ‘Tropical Chancer’. Sticking on tropical sunglasses, she skanked with her backing guitarist.

‘Uptight Downtown’ set the house on fire, while La Roux rocked out – Jackson is one cool customer and all of her songs have her own unique stamp across them. Ending the night on ‘Bulletproof’, lights from across the room lit up La Roux’s face. As the band lined up and soaked up the cheers from the roaring crowd, they were utterly blown away and speechless.

La Roux set Dublin on fire last night! A remarkable performance.

Review by Aine Byrne
Photos by Tudor Marian


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