Lasertom at Hootenanny NYE 2014


lasertomSome of Ireland’s finest dance and electronic music acts played during the night of Nightflight: Hootenanny New Years Eve event at the Grand Social, but it was Lasertom who took the night by the balls, blasting on stage, blowing our minds away with his cosmic synth-disco-beats combined with funky bass driven riffs.

Lasertom is the solo work of Simon Cullen, who in his own words is a born and bred Dubliner previously of electro act Les Bien, and he is also the other half of Ships with Sorcha McGrath.

His tracks are smooth yet cosmic, with vocal samples layered like miniature feelings of enlightenment against a delicious throbbing bass, all combining a gorgeous synth-disco edge.

Lasertom is a fine example of the growing electronic music scene in Dublin today, and is considered one of the leaders on that scene right now. Album Drift is out now, the set list from the other night  is listed below, half album tracks and the rest is new material that he’s been working on, so he has yet to put a names to some.

Go get on Lasertom, work some damage to your playlists.


1. Maelstrom
2. Drift
3. Call
4. All the Time
5. Resurprise
6, Untitled
7. Untitled
8. Never enough (A Remix Lasertom did for Visage, a track coming in 2014)

Review by Aine Byrne


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