Laura Ann Brady at The Little Museum Of Dublin (Review and Photos)

laura-ann-brady-little-museum-dublin-4Laura Ann Brady took to the stage of The Little Museum of Dublin on May 22nd, to support London singer-songwriter Luke Sital Singh.

Laura Ann Brady usually fronts Dublin-based psychedelic folk group Lights Camera Sundown, but tonight she graces the minuscule platform stage of The Little Museum of Dublin, solo with a selection of her own material.

Laura’s voice and music is difficult to describe, a truly folk sound, somewhere along the sombre lines of Cocorosie minus the raspy tones. It’s peculiar, and I mean that in the most positive of ways. Laura comes with her signature autoharp, which usually plays such a large part in Lights Camera Sundown’s distinctive sound and tonight, it’s all that backs her up. It’s an instrument that accompanies her voice perfectly, it’s dulcet tones matching both the power in her voice and it’s contrasting wispy intonations.

Laura herself acknowledges the sombre tones of her music midway through her set but in reality, it’s her selling point. Her voice and the sometimes depressing lyrical quality of her music is nothing but atmospheric. It fills a room and for a small girl seated with a rather quiet autoharp, she creates an outstandingly powerful presence. The room remains silent for her entire set, a testament to how truly enthralling her voice is.

“Slow Burner” proves a set highlight, her voice verging on haunting as she chants “Burn Me”. Laura Anne Brady is an act definitely worth keeping an eye on in the coming months.

Photos and review by Laur Ryan.


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