Lawson at the Olympia Theatre – Review and Photos

lawson-olympia-theatre-dublin-6On Friday October 18th English pop rock group ‘Lawson’ played the Olympia Theatre in Dublin.

The energy was high and the suspense rising as we waited for Lawson to perform. A white sheet blinded our view of the stage and excited outbursts came from members of the audience when a shadow appeared behind it every few minutes which were the sound crew changing the stage setting after ‘Room 94’ who had just performed previously.

After around twenty minutes of waiting and seeing countless crew members lug around heavy equipment the impatient crowd began to chant “Lawson” over and over until it reached a deafening volume.. and then it happened: The lights lowered and a rumble of bass began to fill the venue, rising in volume and tremble. Lights flashed across the white sheet partition in time to music being played while our view was still obscured. As the song reached its climax the curtain dropped and the ruggedly handsome Lawson were standing there with instruments in hand. Ear-piercing screams from the audience ensued which comprised of mostly young teenage girls. The boys jumped right in with their first song, ‘Juliet’.

The band’s latest single, ‘Juliet’ went down a treat with the audience with its slight jazzy feel and the young girls sang back the lyrics wholeheartedly while bouncing in time to the music. Frontman, Andy Brown, strolled about on stage while singing and connected both with the audience and his fellow band members. The chemistry between the boys when they perform together is apparent and you could tell they really love what they do. ‘Taking Over Me’ was played next, an upbeat number with a more pop feel with smooth harmonies from Joel Peat (lead guitar), Ryan Fletcher (bass guitar) and quick-paced beats from drummer Adam Pitts.

‘Gone’ a more rock style song but with contrasting heartfelt lyrics was played next that had Pitts’ drumming skills shining through with intricate rhythms being bashed out for the quick-paced number. After the song came to an end, frontman Brown addressed the crowd shouting out, “DUBLINNNNN.. Feels like I’ve been waiting all tour to say that” also adding “something special always happens in Dublin.”

The boys bashed out a few more songs that were well received including: ‘Learn to Love Again’, ‘Parachute’ and ‘When She Was Mine’. A mostly unusual occurrence at a band’s concert happened when all members of the band left the stage except for Brown who did a solo acoustic performance of ‘The Girl I Knew’ which he explained was a song he wrote about a girl who broke his heart. It was a beautiful performance which had Brown exposing himself emotionally to the audience who got a chance to see him on a more personal level.

Lawson kept the energy level soaring throughout the entire set by playing mostly upbeat and catchy songs which the audience knew. The audience loved it and it seems like the boys did too when Peat said “it’s honestly one of the best shows we’ve ever played” and they were even “a little taken aback” at the crowd’s enthusiasm. The boys closed with a song that they said “changed their lives” called ‘Standing in the Dark’. It was a contrast to the songs they were played previously, it was a more down-tempo and they put everything they had into the emotional lyrics. When the song came to a close and the boys gave their final bow and left the stage an audible grumble was heard in the venue after such a great night had come to an end. Fans shouldn’t fear though as I’m sure Lawson will be returning to our shores in the near future, bigger and better than ever.

Review by Miriam McGovern

Photos by David Doyle


Lucy Ivan

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