Little Bear at Ones To Watch (photos)

Little Bear played Whelan’s main venue last on Saturday (January 12th) during Ones To Watch Festival.

We first saw Little Bear at The Academy 2, when they supported Hudson Taylor back in December. Even though we only saw a couple of their tunes, their music remained with us and we wanted to see them again. Thankfully, Ones To Watch Festival brought the Derry natives back to Dublin.

Little Bear’s tunes won’t give away the fact that the band is less than two years old. It’s obvious that the lads don’t leave things to chance when it comes to writing their music. From the deep lyrics to the tasteful blend of instruments, the tunes sound simply excellent. Add Steven’s voice (which reminded me of Luke Pritchard of The Kooks) to that mix and you get a mature band that has a lot of potential. The people in the audience at Whelan’s were either excited (those who already knew Little Bear) or surprised (those who didn’t expect such good music from a band they hadn’t heard of).

Fun fact: Steven’s five year old boy sings I’d Let You Win but replaces ‘I’d let you win my heart again’ with ‘I’d let you in my cardigan’.

Listen to three of their tunes on Soundcloud.


Lucy Ivan

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