Little Comets at The Academy 2 (Review and Photos)

little-comets-academy2-9Little Comets took the The Academy 2 stage on April 20th as part of their April UK and Ireland tour to promote their latest album “Life Is Elsewhere”.

Before the band even grace The Academy stage, they make an impression. Their stage set up consists of various pans and tambourines hanging from ceiling ropes and microphone stands, setlists written on paper plates and everything from the guitars, bass, drum kit and even the speakers covered with the bands own lyrics.

The Newcastle trio and their tour drummer “Greenie”, take to the stage without a hint of grandiosity. This is a band out to create music, and enjoy themselves in the process and a sold out floor at The Academy hasn’t gone to their heads. This is a band whose tracks are only enhanced in a live setting. Little Comets music consists of rolling guitar riffs, anthemic choruses, some simple indie guitar and contrastingly striking lyrics. Often described as “kitchen sink indie”, the band’s melodies make you want to move and their lyrics exude a constant theme of social realism. Songs like “Bridge Burn” make you want to road trip aimlessly, stopping every few miles for a few cans and senseless dance around bonfire, while tracks like “Violence Out Tonight” carry an immense lyrical weight that is incredibly hard hitting. Either way, their riffs and melodies are infectious and the crowd doesn’t stop moving all or jumping all night.

“Joanna” sent the crowd into a chaotic chanting frenzy, while “Bridge Burn” was met with a piercing scream from an overly enthusiastic fan. “Bridge Burn” quickly rolled into “W-O-E”, proving that their new material has no problem in keeping up with the success of their back catalogue. Little Comets simplicity is their strong point, stripping their indie influences back to their roots and delivering an energetic performance to match a dynamic setlist, mixing tracks from both of their albums.

Over the course of the gig, it becomes clear that Little Comets deserves a stage significantly larger than that of The Academy 2 and if they keep going how they’re going, it hopefully shouldn’t be long before we see them there. Little Comets latest album “Life is Elsewhere is out now and available to buy on Itunes.

Review and photos by Laur Ryan





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