Little Green Cars at Iveagh Gardens – Review

Little Green Cars, Delorentos and We Cut Corners Vicar Street 16 March 2015

There isn’t a cloud in the Iveagh Gardens’ sky as a deliciously sound crowd buzz in the warm air of this park. The five-piece saunter on with no initial words spoken. Instead, they go straight into an acapella ‘Red’. Attentive ears and tremendous vocals are the only point of focus here. Faye O’Rourke and Stevie Appleby – with voices that act as golden pillars – never cease to awe. However, the group here in entirety belting out is the alternative choir of dreams. No bustling is heard in the crowd, only a quiet remark of “Jesus, they’re really good!”.

The crowd maintain a satisfied groove. After a revelrous ‘Harper Lee’ – in line with LGC tradition, vocalist Stevie recounts a poem to mark the occasion. This is the band charisma that we know and adore; personality and punch along with their polished sound.

Yet the wonder takes a dip around ‘Brother’’. The intricacy and mellowness of this and a few other tracks on the night, is hard-translated in the outdoor setting. The audience is overall consistently appreciative and one cannot say that this gig takes a low dive from quality. However, lingers of chatter and anticipation for an energy boost are notable at these points in comparison to the most gleaming of times. And without a shred of doubt, ‘John Wayne’ glimmers above them all.

A story is shared of a man who bears the title-track name and how ‘John Wayne’ was a defining sound for his friendship with a lady who committed suicide. This particular Iveagh Gardens moment is “for Vanessa” and all those out there who need to know that somebody cares. With such a worthy context, this tune is soaked up with celestial embrace. It is togetherness, significance and genuinely fabulous music that make this the highlight.

A dazzling icing to this now baked dessert comes with ‘My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me’ and ‘Easier Day’. Nothing but gratitude is exuded to Little Green Cars for this top summer memory.

The encore, among many other things, is profoundly adequate in lyric. Damien Dempsey comes on the scene for a collective rendition of ‘Sing All Our Cares Away’. In this ambiance, the sing-song is spectacular – smiling faces dotting the green surroundings.

The last song leaves embellished in our souls a final phrase to hold onto for the evening, one that can sum up the overall cleanse bestowed by the flourished with fresh air and freeing spectacle..

“Jesus, Mary, Mother of God. I’m alive again.”

Review by Shannon Welby


Tudor Marian

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