Little Green Cars at Vicar Street (Photos and Review)

Little Green Cars played a sold-out concert at Vicar Street last Saturday, May 11th.

Recently returned from a tour of The US, Little Green Cars faced a venue packed-full of excited fans who created a vibrant atmosphere throughout the entire set. With so much buzz and anticipation around the show, it’s highly likely that there were way fewer tickets than there were people waiting to buy one. As it turned out, that happened for a reason: the show was brilliant! From the supporting acts, to the sound, lighting and, obviously, the band’s actual performance, everything about the night was flawless.

All five band members seemed very focused, determined to give it their all, yet still enjoying every bit of the show. Each of Little Green Cars’s songs is carefully arranged and that attention to details is reflected on their live performances as well. They played each note and sang each verse with great passion.

After receiving a red rose from one of the fans in the front rows, Stevie Appleby, the band’s frontman, created a little poem on the spot, introducing their next song.

Roses are red
Daisies are plain
The next song is called
John Wayne

The band left the stage in a rush after the last song only to appear in the crowd, to the surprise of the fans, somewhere below the balcony. All eyes turned to the back of the room, opposite from the stage. The encore began with an acapela version of one of their songs, followed by a few other acoustic tunes. One of them, titled “The Consequences Of Not Sleeping”, had a funny story behind it, a story involving Steve and his father on the night the song was composed. Steve shared it with the audience and his family who were proudly enjoying the show from the balcony.

It was a brilliant night with a fantastic performance by a band that’s soon going to be much bigger than most people imagine.

Support cam from Gypsies on the Autobahn and Evil Sons

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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