Little Green Cars at Vicar Street – Review & Photos

Little Green Cars, Delorentos and We Cut Corners Vicar Street 16 March 2015

Little Green Cars played Vicar Street tonight, December 14th.

Little Green Cars, Vicar Street, Review & Photos

Unassuming in nature, the Dublin band wander on stage to a haze of cheers. A packed Vicar Street howls in glee at their arrival. This reaction is no surprise considering the fact that their debut album ‘Absolute Zero’ is a masterpiece in itself – making them a band that once you get a taste of, you will find yourself latching on. This is reflected by the significant hushes that circulate on this night – showing the audience’s major desire to soak up every offering of Little Green Cars.

To kick off the night they firstly treat us to two new songs. Interest is sparked by these unfamiliar sounds, implemented by satisfying additions like synthesized instrumental and guitar strings ringing out an almost western-like hint. This establishes great anticipation for the forthcoming album. This peak at what lies ahead suggests a divine and fresh stage for Little Green Cars. It seems that this new venture will come as a delight, allowing us to truly consume each song.

The band prove to be a very natural bunch on stage – comfortable and cracking smiles. A variety of aspects which we witness tonight are key to their music – aspects such as storytelling. Here live, tunes like ‘Angel Owl’ become even more engrossing. We are transported to some fictional world, shaking it out to the drums’ immense rhythm.

Of course when thinking of Little Green Cars, the immediate thought that comes to mind is the vocal power. ‘Please’ displays total musical supremacy. Here Faye O’Rourke sings out and leaves us bewildered by her warm voice – an echoing ocean of low, soothing husk. The breathtaking harmony of “please believe my lies” guides this song’s astonishing sound and a mentionable, wicked guitar riff too enhances the overall delivery.

As seen in ‘Big Red Dragon’, Stevie Appleby’s voice is also a vital component to the diversity which makes Little Green Cars such a phenomenal act. They blast into this tune, physically indulging themselves as their bodies jolt to each note. This sends the energy flying – encouraging us to engage in our own sprightly activity. The crowd clap along to the sensationally catchy chorus and the keyboard produces bell sounds that make this oh so glorious. Our absolute merriment on this occasion is signified by the joyous sounds that ring out to every corner.

This spirit-lifter that gets our blood pumping is in contrast to their quieter tunes. ‘The Consequences of Not Sleeping’ brings about a sadness with a profound ability to connect us. A shiver runs through me as I absorb lyrics like “I only live to love you, and I’m dead when you’re not around”. This feels soothing and intimate – with lyrics illuminated by the tender whine in Appleby’s voice.

A climactic finale is brought about by ‘The John Wayne’. The audience totally relish this hit. An electric feeling runs through every one of us present. On stage the band too burst with vitality, as riveted by this tune as we are. The crowd bask in this superb moment and belt back the long winded chorus “I”‘s with dedicated lungs.

With their music, Little Green Cars hold the tools to evoke raging energy from their audience. As well as that, their lyrical thoughtfulness transports us to a deeper and dazzling level. It is fitting that Appleby reads a poem at the end as this band have repeatedly presented a meaningful tone throughout the evening. This top class gig has ascertained the fact that Little Green Cars are poets, lively performers, tremendous instrumentalists and above all, glorious musicians.

Photos by Tudor Marian
Review by Shannon Welby


Tudor Marian

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