Liza Flume at KnockanStockan 2013 – Review and Photos

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Liza Flume

Liza Flume

As the Sydney native Liza Flume walks out onto the Faerie Field stage barefoot one can feel a sense of quirkiness about her that can soon be heard in her music. As Flume begins to sing the small and intimate audience fall silent as her chilling voice begins to float to them while she strums her acoustic guitar. Loop pedal is used for some songs like ‘What We Called Love’ that give it a multi-layered effect and more full-bodied sound. The Ben Howard-esque style singer finishes with her song ‘Poison’ bringing two friends up on stage to help out with singing and simple additions like clapping and snapping of fingers that gave the song a more stripped back and haunting sound. Her set ending with a full-hearted round of applause and some wolf whistles, I’m sure it won’t be long until the name Liza Flume is being uttered by many more lips.

Review by Miriam McGovern

Photos by Tudor Marian

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