Lower Than Atlantis at The Academy (review and photos)

lower-than-atlantis-academy-21Lower Than Atlantis played The Academy on Sunday, April 14th.

The early door time on this gig meant that, on entering, you transitioned from grey afternoon shopping to darkness, coloured lights and shaggy hair head-banging as far as the eye could see.

Lower Than Atlantis made a very rock and roll entrance, heavy strobe lights, screaming fans and an electrifying guitar riff. The atmosphere was instantly electrified with excitement and throughout the set not one audience member was standing still- especially during the numbers where the band themselves encouraged a giant circle pit for optimum moshing! Some of the songs were very punk and there was psychedelic guitar work throughout. They interacted heavily with the audience between songs, touching outstretched fingers, yelling encouragements and talking about themselves and what they did before becoming successful in the music world (delivering Chinese food, bricklaying etc.). From “Go on Strike” onwards the set became louder, faster and more hardcore leaving your eyes burning and your ears ringing the way only a powerfully brilliant performance can. They did bring it down briefly at the end with some slower, more acoustic numbers, “Scared of the Dark” and “Another Sad Song”, which had everyone’s hands and lighters swaying in the air. They finished by having the audience sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to their manager before a final blowout finale of “Beech like the Tree”.

Support came from Blitz Kids and Jody Has a Hitlist.

As always, the Academy gave a night of intimate and high quality musical performances from three powerful, popular rock/punk groups.

Review by Kat Clinch

Photos by Chris Charousset


Lucy Ivan

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