Lucy Rose at The Button Factory (Photos & Review)

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lucy-rose-button-factory-32Lucy Rose played The Button Factory last Friday, May 10th.

The 24 year-old London native received a very noisy welcome as she stepped on the stage with Pink Floyd’s “Great Gig In The Sky” in the background. Although not extremely big, the crowd in The Button Factory was made up of loyal and excited fans who had seen her gigs before. Lucy started recognized faces in the audience from her previous Dublin appearances in Whelan’s.

Lucy Rose began her set alone with her guitar on the stage. The suddenly silent audience and the dark stage with just a blond girl in the spotlist with her guitar gave the gig a very intimate feeling. People were leaning on the stage, absorbing every sound coming from the talented singer / songwriter / guitarist.  A four-piece support band joined her and the tunes started to emit more energy .

Some of Lucy’s songs have a subtile Florence and The Machine feel, but her style is so mature and complex that there’s a lot to love about her music, even if you’re not a Florence fan.

The setlist included some new songs that were very well received by the fans, as well as some of her (relatively) older stuff with”Middle of The Bed” being the crowd’s favourite.

Being genuinely impressed by the dedication of her fans, Lucy admitted that The Button Factory might be too big for her, although with her rapidly growing fan base there’s no doubt she’ll soon fill even bigger venues. The gig ended with Lucy’s promise that she’ll be at the merch stand, meeting those that want to say hello. Needless to say that at least half of the people in the audience started queuing as soon as she finished the encore.

Photos by Tudor Marian


Lucy Ivan

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