Luke Sital Singh at the Little Museun Of Dublin (Review and Photos)

luke-sital-singh-little-museum-dublin-3-2Luke Sital Singh graced the stage at The Little of Museum of Dublin on May 22nd for his first ever Irish headliner gig.

Luke is a British singer-songwriter who hails from the South West London town of New Malden.

Singh packed out the intimate venue and himself stood in the archway joining the two rooms. The venue is incredibly atmospheric; candles flickered in the hearths of the fireplaces of this georgian house, small beams of light streamed in through the gaps in the shutters and Luke himself was lit by a singular lamp to his left.

His second EP “Old Flint” was released on April 14th of this year and is a collection of knock out tracks that translate so incredibly well onto a live stage. Singh’s voice is masterful, his vocal tonality bears charm that draws you in and then knocks you off your feet with powerful outcries. He dominates a room and though, he claims he’s unused to standing still on such a small stage (he prefers to dance around entertainingly) it’s evident that he doesn’t need any of the visual accompaniments to put on a stellar performance.

“Bottled Up Tight” the leading track from his latest EP is a set highlight but it’s his song “Luna” in which he exudes the charm that makes him such an endearing troubadour. He confesses the song is written about a whale named Luna, lost from her family and so he writes of her potential boyfriends search for her. I’m quite sure the majority of the female-dominated crowd swooned at this point but the truth is, the story makes for an incredibly captivating song.

His music pulls heart strings, his voice is intoxicating, and he boasts such charm in both his music and speaking between songs that you can’t help but leave his gig in awe.

Luke Sital Singh will be back in Ireland on August 30th to take to the Electric Picnic stage but until then, his EP “Old Flint” is available on iTunes.

Photos and review by Laur Ryan


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