Marcas Carcas at The Grand Social – Photos and Review

Markas Carcas & the Trail Gang

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Marcas Carcas (or The Marcas Carcas Family Band as they called themselves-they’re still working on the name!) supported John Blek and the Rats on Friday 7th of June at the Grand Social.

A motley trio took to the stage with the slightly hippy-looking lead singer and his acoustic guitar accompanied by a neat-bearded, indie-looking box-drummer and a shaved-headed bassist.

They opened with a rock-folk sound, vocals and percussion.  A fast intense song that made you want to start a luascadh! Following this energetic opening they slowed things down with a quieter number called “What is to be expected”. The soft whispery vocals were accompanied by melancholy blue lighting and seemed somehow reminiscent of classic 90s movies.

“Into the Ground” followed quickly on the heels of the previous song with Johnny Cash – like opening preceding a funky upbeat tune with a loudly ominous but bouncy chorus. This and the track that followed it got a barn-dance atmosphere going with the audience yeow-ing, clapping and stomping. This meant the audience was pumped up for the clappy, slappy, speed-strumming number “Polecats” which was one of the highlights of the set.

Their final song was what they called their ‘safety song’ “Mississippi Wine”. This largely instrumental number, with plenty of finger-slapping had every audience member’s fingers drumming, toes tapping and heads bobbing as well as intermittent shouts from the crowd.

Markas Carcas’s funky folk-rock was fun and energetic and got the crowd fired up and ready for fun. Their lyrics told stories that carried the audience away and transformed the music into an experience. Their unique twist on country/folk was refreshing and easy on the ears and went well with the cosy atmosphere and a few drinks. A great set!

Music that told a story!

Review by Kat Clinch

Photos by Shaun Neary


Lucy Ivan

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