Mark Owen at The Olympia Theatre – Review and Photos


Mark Owen at The Olympia Theatre, June 19th, 2013 

People of all ages jammed in early to see Mark Owen, formerly of Take That, and to hear material off his new album “The Art of Doing Nothing” in the Olympia Theater on Wednesday night. Good, because this meant everyone got to catch a glimpse of up and coming act Acrobat before they move on to bigger and better things.

Under green and blue beaming lights Acrobat opened their slick and stylish set to the perfect crowd response of cheers. The band, who recently supported Bastille live, had the crowd in the palm of their hands when they played “Sirens” with its alluring, rock vibe similar to Temper Trap and U2. Sirens was followed by “One & Another” and “Home” which have a great pitch perfect vocal quality with some excellent guitar and bass lines. Be sure to check them out while they’re on the Dublin live circuit, because its only a matter of time before they’re playing stadiums, Acrobat play Sea Sessions this weekend go follow.

After the support the setup on stage was incredible, over a dozen ambient light rods, a stamp shaped rug with the Queens head, a quirky keyboard table with a QR code….smoke billowing out from the drum kit. Mark Owen knows how to pull out an event and performance, the excitement and atmosphere was simply electric. Women and girls flags and banners clad, were screaming before Mark even stepped up onstage. One foot on the stage set the ladies flags and banners flying up into the air, simply fantastic.

He kicked off with “Greenman” a hit form which the crowd loved, cool and comfortable in white jacket, black hat – James Dean would turn in his grave. Lights pulsating within the smoke, he moved on to “Raven” with its euphoric, church like appeal. The songs are very similar to Take That tunes, just with Owens vocal and nice lyrics – “Tell my Love if you See her, She’s my Raven and she is Loved”. “Stars” is just a graceful and flawless song “When we fall, we’ve got to give it all away”, really went down well and got everyone dancing in their seats.

After almost twenty years with Take That, he had to pull some of their hits out and he did so here and there with “The Flood”, “Hold Up A Light” and “Shine”. He moved back and forth between old and new material “Making out” and then slapped “Clementine” on the table, I knew all the words to this one from the 1990’s! Everyone happy, soaking up his good looks while he blasted out “Carnival”, “The One” and “Boogie” – the crowd screams said it all as he had them by the Queens crown jewels. He went on to show us his admiration for us waving a massive Ireland flag and showed off his green, white and orange socks.

Stand out tunes from the album are “Heavens Falling” “Stars”, and it’s worth mentioning The One” for its lyrics “Life- its the delicate trials of life, with its glorious twists and turns, and no matter which way you go, imagine those tears we cry, every time I close my eyes I can feel the world enough”.

It’s hard to fault Owen, when he moves with ease between songs to play piano and the guitar. He encored with “Rule the World” and “End of Everything” and mentioned his pride in the success he had with Take That and how delighted he is to work with new talented band mates, Mark Owen looked us all in the eye before he left the stage, he gave each one of use a moment. Owen owned the stage, a born performer and the crowd love it.

Mark Owen will be touring for a while and plays these gigs next in the UK:

  • 1st August – Camp Bestival, Lulworth Castle
  • 17th August – V Festival, Hylands Park
  • 18th August – V Festival, Weston Park

Review By Áine Byrne

Photos by David Doyle


Lucy Ivan

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