Marlene Enright – ‘When The Water Is Hot’

Marlene Enright 'When The Water Is Hot'

Marlene Enright 'When The Water Is Hot'

Marlene Enright, best known as a member of Cork alt-rockers The Hard Ground, has gone solo with the release of her debut single ‘When The Water Is Hot’.

Enright’s voice has shone through in all of her work with The Hard Ground and it comes as no surprise that the quality of her vocal is the crux of ‘When The Water Is Hot’, with the restrained music video rejecting any elaborate visuals in favour of placing the dreamy vocal delivery at the forefront of the single.

The fragility of Enright’s voice weaves its way through the layered production to create a warm, fuzzy slice of alt-folk, echoing American songwriter Joanna Newsom. In particular, drawing inspiration from the more Appalachian-influenced tracks in Newsom’s discography. The dense instrumentation is subtle in its arrangement, offering a gentle folkish slant to the alt-rock sensibilities that Enright has carried over from her time with The Hard Ground. Distorted guitars are intertwined with more traditional folk instruments to create a somewhat modern sonic backdrop that manages to retain the influence of old folk music that has come before.

Marlene Enright has embarked on this new venture with the intention of releasing a collection of songs later in the year and this snippet points toward an intriguing solo career for the Cork musician.


Shane Croghan

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