Matt Cardle at The Academy, Dublin – Review and Photos

Matt Cardle - Academy Dublin

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Matt Cardle - Academy DublinMatt Cardle at The Academy, Dublin – April 2nd

Tonight two X Factor contestants, including one winner, are taking to the stage and the venue is far from jammed, Melanie McCabe, mostly known for trying to be on the X Factor four separate times and getting to the judges houses in the most recent series opens the night. It has to be said, she has an amazing voice, really really impressive. Arguably much more impressive than she ever showed on The X Factor, her renditions of popular songs such as ‘Mama Knows Best’ by Jessie J and ‘Roar’ by Katy Perry make her performance impressive, but also a bit ‘meh’… She has a great voice there’s no denying that, but watching a support act do only covers is a bit of a weird one and a little bit too talent show-esque.

Matt Cardle made his name through the X Factor, but more importantly, by not adhering to the typical X Factor style. Being a bit quirky, with a very unique voice, and arguably more ‘artistry’ than most other contestants, he won the seventh series of the X Factor UK. His vocal abilities are made clear throughout the night, with a range that has the audience in awe at times. With songs such as ‘Loving You’ and ‘Faithless’ getting a great reaction from the crowd, the latter is a special moment with just Cardle on stage with an acoustic guitar, and the crowd singing very loudly.

Matt Cardle has very good stage presence. He seems comfortable with the band on stage and to be honest, all of tonight’s concert feels more like a band’s concert than a singer-songwriter’s one. That being said, the variety of genres covered tonight is impressive, with rock, pop, and acoustic singer-songwriter moments, the night is kept mostly interesting.

There are a few moments of slightly boring, inoffensive songs, such as ‘Letters’ but as a whole Matt Cardle is showing that he really is talented. He seems comfortable on the stage with a band, and it shows that the X Factor just gave him a chance he would have otherwise missed out on. He has a bit of a chat with the crowd, which includes him thanking them for helping through his hard time in January (when the singer-songwriter was checked into rehab following substance abuse). In these parts of the concerts we are reminded what made Cardle stand out of the competition, he really comes across like a lovely guy, and a very talented lovely guy at that.

Review by Orla Conway

Photos by Anamaria Meiu


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