McBusted at The O2, Dublin – Review

McBusted 3Arena Review

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mcbusted-o2-dublin-reviewMcBusted at The O2 – June 2nd

Over the last few months there’s been one supergroup’s name on a lot of people’s minds, mostly those of girls aged 18-25, that name is McBusted. In fairness, as The O2 fills up tonight, it’s clear that they are not exclusively for this demographic, tonight’s crowd is relatively mixed, which adds to the exciting atmosphere in the arena. Some fans have been waiting since Busted’s break up in 2005, some have been waiting since Mcfly’s last appearance in Dublin in 2011, and some fans have been waiting forever to see the two together as one band. Ten years ago, Mcfly supported Busted in Dublin for the first time, and this adds to the pretty special relationship the two bands obviously have, and the love the fans have for them. Tonight is the last night of the McBusted 2014 tour, and the energy couldn’t be higher, both band and crowd are on top form.

With a VT showing a ‘Back To The Future’ type introduction, the humour of the night is clear from the outset. This introduction makes the band’s entrance on stage super climactic. Once all six of them are on stage, and ‘Air Hostess’ starts, the night is off to a huge beginning. The crowd is ridiculous tonight, jumping in unison throughout, singing really loud and just pouring their affection out to the band.

A highlight of the night is when a space ship structure descends from the ceiling upon which the band play a few songs, starting with ‘Star Girl’ which is performed with an energy and excitement that gets the crowd on the balcony standing for the first time in the night.

All six members have their moments throughout the set. McBusted, particularly Dougie Poynter and Matt Willis, are so energetic, Tom Fletcher’s voice is incredibly impressive, Danny Jones is a brilliant frontman, and Harry Judd, despite being behind drums, interacts really well with the crowd, it is only James Bournes that sometimes disappoints, but that’s simply because his voice is quite unique and so is an acquired taste, at times the nasal sound of it can be slightly unpleasant, but for the most part he is still a good showman.

You really get the sense that these are just six best friends having fun on stage, from when they’re throwing sweets at each other, to their little chats in between songs where they get the crowd to shout insults at each other. But the night does also have some more heartfelt, touching moments. Such as ‘All About You” where the crowd singing alone at an incredible volume. Although these serious moments are not sustained for a long amount of time, for example when parts of Tom Fletcher’s wedding speech are shown on the big screens, he is abruptly interrupted with the band playing Busted’s ‘Crashed The Wedding’, bringing the atmosphere back to the light-hearted, humorous one.

The whole night has been really special, all six members have shown their skills and personalities. With the amount of fun that the band are having on stage alone, it would be near impossible for a crowd member to not enjoy the night, top this off with enjoyable music and clear talent, the night is a massive success.

Review by Orla Conway


Lucy Ivan

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