Milky Chance ‘Sadnecessary’ Album – Review

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Milky-Chance-SadnecessarySince meeting in school on an ‘Advanced Music Course’ in their hometown of Kassel in Germany, Clemens and Philipp who make up Milky Chance have been performing under various guises before settling into their current incarnation.

Becoming Milky Chance just under two years ago, the duo have since scored a massive hit with ‘Stolen Dance’ which has surpassed 40 million hits on YouTube. Now it’s time for their debut album and what they’ve produced is an interesting pop record. Combining producer Philipp’s electronic beats with Clemens’ guitar and vocals, Milky Chance have created an album that, while not perfect, will certainly get the head bobbing on these long hot days.

Recorded in their own home studio using minimal equipment and released on their own Lichtdicht (stop sniggering at the back) label, ‘Sadnecessary’ is essentially the musical equivalent of Dimitar Berbatov; it can at times appear languid and lazy but is also capable of great things and overall stands head and shoulders above a lot of the competition.

‘Stunner’ and ‘Flash Junk Mind’ open the album in fine uptempo style before the pace is slowed somewhat for ‘Becoming’. ‘Running’ is a dynamically interesting tune and one of many that instantly transport you to a beer garden as the sun sets and the world gently drifts by.

At times the album feels like it could become a bit samey but fortunately there are some nice breaks, like the Eastern flavoured ‘Indigo’ to shake things up and keep the listener engaged. While the record does lull a bit in the middle, ‘Down By The River’ stands out as an incredibly fine pop song and features some bright classical guitar melodies.

The sequencing of a record is not often discussed but it’s a crucial part of putting an album together and Milky Chance have gotten things bang on with their debut album, saving the big guns for last. The aforementioned ‘Stolen Dance’ is a fine slice of chilled out pop that has echoes of The XX but the real standout track is the closer ‘Loveland’ which showcases Clemmens’ superb raspy vocals. It’s quieter than much of what has gone before but the emotion and rawness of the song crawls under the skin in the best possible way.

‘Sadnecessary’ is a fine opening salvo from Milky Chance and is certainly worth wrapping your ears around when it is released on 4 July.


Mark O'Brien

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