Mmoths at The Button Factory – Review and Photos

Mmoths - Button FactoryMmoths played the Button Factory on November 2nd

Having only been around for just two years, Jack Colleran is only 20 years of age. He is the man behind the name Mmoths and has quite the following. The Button Factory was packed full of young and energetic fans.

As a white fog began to cover the stage out walked Jack armed with a full brass band which was really exciting to see. Even though there was a limited amount of moving from the Irish man, he seemed to control the stage as if it were home, he looked extremely comfortable looking out into a sea of bobbing heads and dancing bodies. Playing a set of just under an hour, performing a lot of songs off his EP Diaries, many of his fans seemed in awe of his performance, with some I overhead as saying it was “class” and that he was “unreal”.

With a gentle tone to some of his tracks such as “Losing You”, the room is filled with percussion and synths as these enchanted melodies bounce throughout the venues room.

Jack/Mmoths lets the music speak for itself with very little vocals on most his tracks and his music does just that, his musical power to control a room would transform any standing audience into a sea of swaying and energetic life.

With such a short set some fans maybe felt a bit robbed but with the performance he gave they should have very little complaints in terms of music quality. With so much attention surrounding Jack/Mmoths, I’m excited in hearing what he releases next.

Photos and Review by Ian Blount


Lucy Ivan

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