Song Of The Week: Dancing With Me On Your Mind by Mojo GoGo

mojo-gogo-dancing-with-me-on-your-mindMojo GoGo have released a video for their new single “Dancing With Me On Your Mind” a few days ago.

The tune is a solid display of quality indie with a catchy bass line. The video gathered more than 27 thousand views in less than a week since it was launched with great reactions from the viewers. Created by Shaun Doogan and Ciaran McCann, the video uses stop-motion and other effects to tell a simple story in a cool way.

Mojo GoGo are working on their a new EP which should be launched soon. If the other tunes on the EP will sound half as good as “Dancing With Me On Your Mind”, then it will be amazing. But this is not the only piece of good news coming from the co. Donegal four-piece. They have been selected to attend the BBC Radio 1 Master Class at the end of March.

“Dancing With Me On Your Mind” is our choice for the Song Of The Week Section.


Lucy Ivan

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