Mongoose – Debut Album – Review

Mongoose The Album Review

Mongoose The Album Review

Good energy vibes for the Irish music scene

Folk-pop act Mongoose has just completed their highly anticipated debut album. Mongoose comprise of Ailbhe Dunne (guitars/vocals), Molly O’Mahony (lead vocals/cajon), Cara Dunne (shakers/vocals) and Muireann Ní Cheannabháin (cello/vocals). Hailing from Dublin, the all-female act enhances the flavour of their songs with Irish traditional and jazz elements. Since Mongoose hit the Irish music scene they have garnered strong reviews. Now with Vantastival, Knockanstockan, Groove, and Electric Picnic firmly under their belts, they are making waves across Ireland. The album opens with ‘Woman on the Beat’, a pleasant surprise. O’Mahony is powerful on vocal yet refreshingly upbeat, balancing well with the Ní Cheannabháin and the Dunne girl’s harmonies. ‘Right Side’ is charming to hear with clever lyrics. ‘Featherkisses’ is like an old folk tale with lovely classical guitar touches and gorgeous harmonies. An overpowering harmony during ‘Breathe’ is saved by O’Mahony and her soothing vocal.

’Drifting’ with its enchanting harmonies is simple and beautiful. O’Mahony’s vocal sounds similar to songstresses Eleanor McEvoy and Joni Mitchell in ‘Slow – Burning Feeling’. ‘Two Birds’ takes you on the most delightful trip and the album ends on a more traditional note with ‘Goodbye Song’ which has a mystical, celtic otherworld edge.

Lyrically, Mongoose’s album captures the imagination – “Dusty books, tenderhooks, is this mine or yours?” and “You run so fast I fall behind, you stop and ask, no I don’t mind.” Stand out songs are ‘Right Side’, ‘Featherkisses’ and ‘Two Birds’.

All you can feel from this album is good energy sensations. Tune-yards, Fleetwood Mac and Joni Mitchell’s influences are clearly evident. Mongoose create their own unique style with a decidedly Irish edge. There is no reason why they cannot stand alongside the greats of the Irish music from Kila to The Clannad, Bell X1 to The Frames.

Mongoose’s new album is excellent and the future is bright.

Mongoose launch their debut album on May 22nd at the Sugar Club.

Review by Aine Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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