Moscow Metro – ‘Spirit of City’ EP – Review


Moscow Metro’s debut EP ‘Spirit of City’, due for release on April 11th, opens with the ‘Spirit Of a City’ track, which is surprisingly understated, an overall rock vibe and some uplifting drums building to the most powerful moments of the song. This track especially seems to blur the musical lines into something that is simultaneously and blurry mingled single sound while still being very distinguishable and without becoming noise. An intriguing technique.

Future Fades is the second track on the EP. The music has a blurred sound and the vocals have a deep but somehow futuristic sound. There is definitely an indie vibe to the music that has the slightest hint of The Killers but a unique power that is all their own. You can definitely imagine this song being played on the party soundtracks of college students the world over.

The opening of Headlights has the merest reminiscence of Glas Vegas (another group produced by one of their production team, the brilliant Rob Kirwan), very brooding lyrics and a sound that is simultaneously understated yet overwhelming. There is a real emotional strength to the sound and an anthemic chant-like harmony in the middle that lends it a slightly punk element for brief stints despite a more rock sound on the guitar. Some really euphoric moments worth swaying and dancing to.

Where it all ends is the appropriately titled final track and opens with guitar riff that is distinct from the other songs and the lyrics have an almost countryish vibe during the opening. This song really allows the listener to get into the lyrics before it begins to build towards the chorus and takes on a sound a little more similar to the preceding tracks. It is slightly more pared back in its use of instruments for the majority of the track in comparison to the other songs on the EP but follows the same sort of journey as the rest of the EP. Getting distinctly more powerful and invigorating as it heads towards the final minute of the track

Described on their press release as ‘dark and brooding yet also elated and uplifting’ the EP definitely excites and you can feel that the group are seasoned performers because the EP oozes power and connects with the listener both in terms of lyrics and the sensation they create. There is a good consistency and coherence across the tracks that really establishes the band’s sound in a confident way. This is definitely a group to get excited about as they bring their own twist to an already popular sound.

See Moscow Metro live at The Academy 2 on April 10th.

Review by Kat Clinch


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