My Brightest Diamond at The Workman’s Club – Review

My Brightest Diamond at The Workman's Club - Review

My Brightest Diamond – The Workman’s Club – 31st October 2014, Halloween Night

My Brightest Diamond at The Workman's Club - Review

My Brightest Diamond, Detroit based musician Shara Worden, has been renowned for theatrical style performances over the last decade. Her fifth studio album ‘This Is My Hand’ (2014), off Sufjan Stevens’s Asthmatic Kitty label, delivers a more stripped back version of her style: minimal, post-modern with elements of electro-pop and rock.

Worden’s Workman’s Club gig was the last show of her European tour, and since it was the night of goblins and ghouls, the audience was decorated for Halloween. Each audience character could easily have stepped onto of one of Worden’s album covers.

Slow to start, but when Worden and her co-musician arrived the lights dimmed revealing puffs of colour all over the stage, in her hair and on her costume. Her drummer was doused in shimmering gold and a cap, pure eye candy. They opened with ‘Pressure’ which was a puff of delight.

During ‘I Am Not The Bad Guy’, Worden delivers some poetic lyrics “I’m so desperate for relief, thoughts I do not dare to speak, I am hungry, I won’t lie, the cage, the bird, the open sky”. Worden also rocked out on guitar – an unexpected and impressive surprise.

Moving from guitar to synth, Worden took interest in her golden drummer and audience. The audience was equally as endeared by her; while her drummer rolled drums and threw treats around (I am still eating my chocolate coins). Stand out songs were – ‘So Easy’ (her live vocal is similar to St. Vincent and Annie Lennox), a cover of ‘Feeling Good’, ‘Lover Killer’ and ‘Inside A Boy’ – all like lemon drops to ear.

Ending the night with sweets flying through the air, Worden dancing with the audience, she concluded her tour on a high and a rapturous response from the packed out room. Just when we thought it was all over, Worden returned and ended with ‘Freak Out’ and ‘Be My Husband’ which she dedicated to her friend Lisa Hannigan.

My Brightest Diamond rocked The Workman’s Club on Friday night, she did everything in her power to delight. Worden’s progress over the coming years is one to watch, and if she comes to Dublin again be sure to see her delightful show.

Review by Aine Byrne


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