My Tribe Your Tribe – Irish Band Of The Week

My Tribe Your Tribe - Irish Band Of The Week

My Tribe Your Tribe - Irish Band Of The Week

This week’s Irish Band of the Week is the eclectic My Tribe Your Tribe. Having just released their third single ‘Ghost With You’ this year, the band seem to be going from strength to strength with their electric style of electro-synth and exhilarating sounds. 2015 has proved to be equally exciting on the festival circuit, with the band being able to list Spirit of Folk, Body and Soul, and even the recent musical extravaganza that is Hard Working Class Heroes as part of their latest performances. Arguably, this series of performances and their extensive touring have earmarked the band as ones to watch this year.

Furthermore, given the impressive musical catalogue that My Tribe Your Tribe have displayed, this year alone, it’s clear that their exciting combination of electro-synth and psychedelic qualities work. Their reoccurring appearances and considering how well received their latest three singles have been, it’s fair to say that is the sort of garage fuelled, angst-filled sound that fans want more of, and they want it now.

Perhaps ‘Ghost With You’ will be the track to satiate the demand for MTYT’s alt-rock fusion. The eerie, ethereal nature of their performance in this track gives a sort of ghostly quality to the track. The barrage of drums, combined with the haunting lyrics, makes for a dynamic sound, one that lingers with the listener long after. There’s a build to this song, a tangible brilliance of every aspect of this band working in unison to form a perfectly rounded song. It is the very resonance and polished finesse of this track that marks their forthcoming 2016 album as something both special and unique. Hopefully, what they’ve learnt from their festival circuit and touring this year will ring through on the album, not only allowing them to exist on the cusp of greatness but rather fully attain it.


Elaine McDonald

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