Oasis Release ‘Don’t Go Away (Mustique Demo)’

Oasis Release 'Don’t Go Away (Mustique Demo)’

Oasis Release 'Don’t Go Away (Mustique Demo)’

Taken from Be Here Now, ‘Don’t Go Away’ is now available to stream and download, and it’s the first time any of Oasis’s legendary Mustique Demos have ever been released.

Be Here Now is being reissued as part of the ‘Chasing The Sun’ series on 7 October.

Recorded on the Caribbean island in early 1996 by Noel Gallagher and Owen Morris, the Mustique Demos are the original demos for Be Here Now. The original tapes were mislaid shortly after the completion of recording, and subsequently achieved mythical status among the band’s huge fanbase. The tapes remained effectively lost until recently unearthed in the depths of the label’s archive, and now all 14 Mustique Demos will be available in special editions of the new Chasing The Sun edition of Be Here Now. Pre-order here.


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