Ones To Watch 2014 – Thursday Review (part 1)

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whelans-ones-to-watch-2014The annual Ones to Watch mini festival arrived through the doors of Whelan’s again this year. On show were some amazing, talented acts.

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Thursday 9th January in Whelan’s Main venue. Kicking off proceedings was Dublin 6 piece We Arrive Alive. Their mix-match of members from various bands like ingredients of an Irish stew works so well. Not a lyric was heard during the whole set but the music told a story of its own. A modest crowd turned up for the opener and gradually the place started to fill. Nods of appreciation followed each change of direction in the music. The addition of the French Horn added a new twist to the already dramatic instrumental. Their short set continued with slower thoughtful tunes, music more mature than their years but elegantly performed. The performance reached its close with an American post rock influenced song. A delighted band, a delighted crowd, a very good start to tonight’s events.

Up to the stage came another Dublin band, Beach. A self-described space grunge quartet. By the time they hit the stage the place had started to fill up, with bodies getting closer to the stage as the night wore on. Beach were off to a bit of a shaky start no thanks to a couple of sound problems which were quickly sorted out. (Feedback, the devil of live music). There were quite a few fans in the crowd as they mimed along the lyrics of the eerie howling vocals of the lead singer. Musically, the band is fantastic. Clearly talented, with bags of ambition and potential. Vocally is where they lacked this evening. This was partially due to the nature of the set up but mostly due to the one tone vocals. The singer can obviously sing, but each song was sung in the same key and tone. The falsettos were perfect and there were no breaks in the vocals, but there wasn’t enough difference from one song to the next. Overall, Beach gave a good performance. Easy to see that they are going places from listening to their EP. They’re not too far away from it live either.

Review by Pat Byrne


Lucy Ivan

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